Poetry Is a Trestle

In this keynote, we will explore the question: How does poetry help us understand the development of language and the changing of language help us explore the development of history? We look to poetry for emotional and scientific newness. Poems create the idea and the necessity of a new world. From Earth’s oldest language, which we have now sent on two CDs to Mars, to our youngest, Rap, poems have evolved to hope and correct that which recognizes what does not exist but what may exist if we find new words to embrace. From Hindu to Christianity to other Gods and philosophies we look to poetry to carry us over. There is a bridge which we will walk over to tomorrow. Poetry is our trestle.

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Nikki Giovanni
Educator, Poet, and Best-Selling Author
Retired from Virginia Tech University
Nikki Giovanni has written more than thirty volumes of poetry and prose, including several children’s books.
Session Details